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Jeremy & Elsa

Creatour is a cross-country tour, meeting customers, creators, makers, and independents, bringing together the unique voices of the modern American workforce.

We celebrate the wins, highlight the challenges, and recognize the impact that freelance creators have.

New York

Adam Korothy
Tattoo Artist

Adam, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist, discovered his passion at an early age. With financial lessons learned, he turned his dreams into reality.


Marques Scholten
Hair Colorist

Marques, a Miami-based hair colorist, spends his day building the confidence of the people in his chair. Learn more about how he built his own confidence in his business and finances.


Carly Bassett

Carly, an Austin-based therapist, co-founded Moonstone Counseling to enable more therapists to set up their own private practice and increase access to mental health services.


David Weflen

David, a Nashville-based wedding photographer, turned his university side hustle into a successful full-time career, where he gets freedom over when, where, and how much he works.

Los Angeles

Jeremy & Elsa

Jeremy and Elsa, an LA-based couple, are both full-time freelancers and have learned how to create financial stability on their variable income, saving for their wedding and their future home.