Your trust is our business

We weren't born yesterday. If you’re going to trust Catch to manage important things in your life, it’s our obligation to make clear how we protect your money, your data, and your sanity.

Privacy and security are core to who we are. We work with personal, sensitive information. That’s why we go above and beyond to be a good steward of the many things you trust us with.
Security Locks
Touch ID and Face ID supported for login
Identity Verification
KYC, CIP, and IDV checks prior to transfers, enrollment, or external links
Fully secured by 256-bit encryption and isolated strictly-controlled VPCs
Fraud Prevention
Active fraud monitoring with automatic locking and manual review
No selling or sharing data. Internal access is limited, logged, and audited.
Information across parts of Catch are distributed, not comingled

Independent Audits
Conducted at least annually, including over 400 CIS and NIST controls
Automated Monitoring
Robust alert and logging framework for uptime, money, and enrollment

FDIC Insurance
All liquid cash savings
SIPC Insurance
Retirement and other investment accounts

Certifications, Licenses
Bank Program Manager
Partnered with CBW Bank
Registered Investment Adviser
Registered with and audited by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Enhanced Direct Enrollment
Approved by the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
Health Insurance Producer
Licensed in all states we offer plans in

Liquid Funds

All banking services are provided by CBW Bank, Member FDIC.

Your savings are held in a dedicated account in your name. All money in your account is eligible for FDIC insurance.

Invested Funds

Catch Capital is an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser. Our portfolios are crafted by licensed investment adviser representatives. As a fidicuiary, Catch has a legal obligation to do only what’s in your best interest.

All investment accounts opened through Catch, including your retirement, are protected by the SIPC.


Catch Insurance is a licensed insurance producer.

Catch employs many licensed individuals as well. In addition to the founders, our license holders span the product, engineering, and growth teams.

We conduct rigorous annual audits of our organization which measure privacy and security, business continuity, and system integrity. These audits test over 200 individual controls and the process is overseen by the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Security & Privacy

The Catch applications and platform are regularly tested for security vulnerabilities, privacy concerns, and adherence to CIS and NIST best practices.

Catch's infrastructure and data storage is fully secured by 256-bit encryption and isolated strictly-controlled VPCs.

We refuse to sell your data with any third parties. Internally, administration priviledges are limited, logged, and frequently audited.