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Benefits that make the difference

Help independent contractors on your platform take care of health, dental and more automatically. At no cost to you.

The only all-in-one portable benefits platform

Everything independents need in one easy-to-use platform

Trusted by independents, treasured by partners


Custom Setup. Easy onboarding built exclusively for your platform


Cobranding. Brand positioning in product and communications


Comms. Dedicated communications to help your people every step of the way


Content. Financial education to make complicated decisions a little easier

It's free and easy to get started


You don’t have to write any new code. Get started quickly and work with Catch to enrich the experience over time


We support your existing flow of funds. You won’t need to change anything about your setup


Users can import and transfer marketplace plans From standalone marketplace sites like, Stride, and others


We work with partners to craft our roadmap. Together with users and internal experiments

Compliance, Privacy, Security


Experts in regulatory compliance for financial services, insurance, and benefits


Licensed insurance agency for multiple lines


Audited annually for 400+ privacy and security controls

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