Fifty years ago, your first job might be your only.

Your employer took care of your tax withholding each time you got paid. Your pension grew along with the time you spent at the company. Your health insurance was paid for and covered everything you needed. Your job was your safety net.

New opportunities in the last decade have unleashed the independent economy.

Selling access to your house or car, on-demand gig work whenever you need an income boost, tech-enabled freelancing and contracting, and entirely new mediums to share your talents.

You’re not tied to a single paycheck. You can earn in different ways from different sources at the same time. You are in charge of your own destiny.

With all of the freedom and flexibility that’s come with an unbundled career, though, the traditional safety net has evaporated.

It’s time for a new way to build stability and wealth.

One that acts automatically to take care of the stuff you don’t want to think about, like taxes and retirement. One that recognizes how and when you earn money and doesn’t depend on a traditional paycheck. One that can get you the best price on health insurance on your phone.

We built Catch to let you work on your own terms. You shouldn’t be tied down because of a silly thing like benefits.

Make the most of your talents and your life, and leave the rest to us.

See the world the way we do?

There’s not much like working on a product so important and ambitiously human, with such talented and compassionate people. If you’re looking for your next challenge, let’s talk.
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