Catch Community

People use Catch as a way to prioritize what matters most to them — doing the work they love, while automating the necessary (but frustrating) things that distract them from that work.

Miami, FL

Georges Etienne

Having a system that automates the process of separating my revenue for taxes is crucial. As a solopreneur, it becomes difficult to handle so many tasks and wear so many hats. With Catch I can worry about one less thing. And it's affordable!

Venice, CA

Marcy & Gordon

The benefits to working for ourselves definitely outweigh the challenges. We get to see each other much more, spend more time with the kids and don't have to stress about driving in LA traffic. The challenge is the business side -- taxes, accounting, client management, etc.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Katy Martin

I love that Catch uses percentages to withhold for taxes and time off because relying on a specific dollar amount is too tricky for freelancers. Plus, if I can’t see the money, I can’t spend it!

Phoenix, AZ

Luis Camacho Started an Advertising Agency

To be honest, at first I wasn't concerned about things like benefits. After leaving my dad’s health plan when I turned 26, I had to do a lot of research about things I didn't know anything about and it was really draining. Then I remembered this platform, Catch, that was built to help owners and freelancers with things like health insurance, and I realized it was everything I hadn't been able to find elsewhere.

Portland, OR

Caleb Improves Communication with Video

I've always been pretty good about allocating money for upcoming taxes and expenses. For years, I did it manually and it was such a pain. Every time I got paid, I would do the math and transfer different percentages into separate accounts for taxes, retirement, etc. Now that I use Catch, I never even think about it and my money is always where it needs to be when I need it.

Richmond, VA

André Junious Johnson

As a multi-faceted Art Director and working artist, I stay pretty busy developing brands and driving creative initiatives for companies both large and small. In my 15+ years of experience I've been very fortunate to work on a variety of projects that have historically and positively shaped the communities I love.

Austin, TX

Sameen Ahmad

I started in investment banking. From there, I went off to Wall Street, then to hospitality, music venues and finally to festivals. More recently, I have discovered my niche in Sustainability Programs based on my clients' needs and desires to do better for the earth, climate change and more.

Portland, OR

Corey Ciresi

I started my career in hair as many other professionals did- the kitchen cut method. When the kids around me needed cuts, I figured, “Hey, let me give this a shot!” Cutting hair grants me the opportunity to have intimate conversations in a unique setting. I get to apply my skills and talents constantly which helps me hone them every day.

Windham, NH

Shayne Gaffney

Being an endurance sports coach has lots of positives, and I am literally living out my dream, but if I had to narrow it down to one thing I love most, it would be helping others achieve their goals and forming lasting relationships with them.

Minneapolis, MN

Dane helps people connect through animals

I got my start fostering dogs with my partner and volunteering with local rescues. Once I discovered the large percentage of people struggling with their dogs and the lack of training support, I went to work developing techniques and strategies that would help owners and dogs live their best lives.

Minneapolis, MN

Kevin Ha

A year ago, I quit my job as an attorney to become a full-time personal finance blogger and side hustler. And I've never been happier. These days, I enjoy how I don't have a fixed schedule and can work on my time.

San Diego, CA

The One Hand Wonder Man

I love getting to work with small teams and small businesses and really seeing the impact of my work. I also love having a close relationship with some of my clients where they can trust me on business and life advice.

Pittsburgh, PA

Kelli Upshur

I'm a self-employed Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Social Media expert. I found Catch when I was just starting out as a full-time freelancer and my head was spinning trying to figure out a better way to organize my taxes and retirement savings. I gave it a go! Catch has been a lifesaver.

Washington, D.C.

Scott Jones

We’re at a time where working for yourself is easier than it’s ever been. I loved being able to showcase amazing freelancers and independent contractors and tell their stories about becoming self-employed. I firmly believe this type of work setup is going to be standard in the future and I’m excited for it.

North Carolina

Erin Mansfield

If you think of everywhere you go in a month where you have to communicate -- whether it's a doctor's appointment, or school, or even a funeral home -- I'm an interpreter for it and I'm needed. Anywhere there is communication, I'm there.

Austin, TX

Luis & Katie

I love being able to own the planning and build-out of an entire project. After we closed our business, we moved to Austin and I worked as an employee at a larger company. It was a bit of a shock. The biggest shock for me wasn’t having a boss, it was having to specialize and focus on just one part of the business.

Cleveland, OH

Kate Weatherly

I love working with people who are passionate about their products and services and that have a real motivation to be great and bring change into the word. I also really enjoy seeing sales/adoption go up and up! There is something so satisfying about helping a new company grow. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

San Antonio, TX

Emily & Noah Ballard

We use Catch for tax withholding and time off, primarily. We went to Colorado this year and it was so much easier to pull up our Time Off plan and say "there's that money we saved" and then just pull that money out to go on that trip.


Abigail Valletta

I love being able to work for myself, to make my own rules and to create my own schedule. I also love being able to help others! I work mostly with people with chronic pain or injuries and it's amazing to see the transformation in their bodies and in their attitudes after working together.

Loranger, LA

Dylan Wilkinson

**Update** March 27, 2020 -- Things have changed pretty rapidly for us. My wife works full-time as a graphic designer and was recently put on furlough. We've had 4 weddings postponed. Plus, we've had a lot of photoshoots cancelled. Luckily, we have been extremely diligent financially in the past. I was telling my wife that I'm so glad we funded our emergency savings.

Las Vegas, NV

Eli Atkins

I enjoy creative problem solving which is so much of what web design and development is. Having to overcome challenges often leads to so many moments where you feel a big sense of accomplishment.

Philadelphia, PA

Meet your New Web Guy

I love that I get to work for myself, and that I get to help business owners and make their lives easier by taking care of the technology side of things, something that tends to be a headache for most.

Nashville, TN

Elizabeth Helps Tell Stories

I love getting to work with people doing cutting edge, creative things in the world of tech, education, art, and finance (among many other fields). I've always wanted to be my own boss and tell stories for a living. Now, I get to do both.