From first dates and first kisses to convincing your parents that you’re brave enough to watch that new action movie, a lot of special moments are linked with going to the movies.

Growing up in a small town, movies were a big part of Jeremy’s life, ultimately shaping his career. He said, “I knew I wanted to get into video back in middle school. My parents and I, we’d just go to the movies every weekend. What I really like is editing."

"Sometimes even with small changes, you can completely change the story,” he said.


Jeremy’s own story changed as he got older, from moving to Los Angeles to marrying Elsa, the woman of his dreams. A constant was his love for cinema.

“I’ve been doing editing for a little over 15 years now. Working freelance, I know to have just a little bit of a buffer because consistency isn’t always there. I’m used to it,” Jeremy said, while Elsa giggled.

“Although, you still freak out,” she said with a smile.

“I still freak out because I always think — sometimes — what if no one ever hires me again,” Jeremy said with a smile softening his face.

With understanding, Elsa replied, “Well, this happens like every month and I think it comes with the territory of freelancing.”

Creating Stability To Build The Life You Love Having years of freelance experience, Jeremy knows the financial concerns to be wary of and has learned to manage them. When Elsa, a graphic designer, recently moved to full-time freelancing, Jeremy vowed to let her manage her own business and learn on her own. His one suggestion — download Catch.

“That’s how I found out about Catch — through him”, said Elsa.

For Jeremy, using Catch helped him focus on his superpowers instead of the things that bogged down his brain. He said, “It has reduced the amount of administrative things you have to do as a freelancer, which is nice. Accounting is the bane of my existence, but it’s also something that has to be done. For Catch to take care of that — pretty fantastic.”


“The main thing I use Catch for and the thing that drew me to it from day one was the tax savings. I’d tried numerous, different ways of just keeping it separate; it just always stressed me out. That was the main thing I saw about it. Okay, this is great. This is perfect. I can set-it-and-forget-it type thing. Then I started looking more into it — to have the same type of benefits that people that do work a 9 – 5 have,” he said.

Jeremy created a custom saving goal inside Catch where a percentage of his income was automatically set aside to save for their wedding.

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Managing Freelance Income To Create Flexibility and Freedom Managing freelance income is difficult. Managing joint finances, which can occasionally go up or down, is an even greater challenge.

Creating a stable base to build a secure and thriving life was important to Elsa and Jeremy as they prepared for major milestone goals like getting married.

“We like to travel and we like to have flexibility. If we just want to go out to lunch in the middle of the day and drop everything, we can,” said Elsa.

Jeremy and Elsa have mastered the balance. They love the work they do and the freedom it brings to their lives — working on their own terms. Having figured out how to manage their incomes through the highs and lows, they spend more time with their now-joint-family, are able to take vacation, and are saving to buy their first home together.

“Before I found Catch, I straight-up just didn’t have any kind of vacation or time off. Having that consistently put aside has been something that I’ve really enjoyed,” Jeremy said.

Letting Go of The Small Things To Enjoy the Big Things Catch handles the financial must-dos for Jeremy and Elsa’s freelance careers. It organizes their income, helps them to save automatically, and offers financial security through health insurance and retirement investments.

“I like the idea that it just does the work for me. I put in the percentages that I want and it just disperses it where it needs to go. It makes my life easier,” Elsa said.


Elsa’s advice to her younger self, just starting out on the freelance journey?

“It’ll work out. After all those challenges and the pros and cons, it’ll be the best choice for you overall just because of what you ultimately want to do — have freedom.”






Jeremy & Elsa