Introducing Guide

February 20, 2019


Our mission at Catch is to create a new personal safety net that is accessible, affordable, and effective. Our first step towards that goal has been to build the first-ever portable benefits platform offering tax withholding, retirement plans, health insurance, and more– all integrated in one place.

The financial and insurance system is aging and overly complex, cobbling together products that don’t make sense in modern life. Tax withholding, investment accounts, HSAs, insurance premiums, health marketplaces, and student loans are confusing. The experts have done little to create better solutions, instead benefitting from complicated regulation and keeping tools disconnected.

Today, we’re launching Guide to change all that.

Guide is a simple feature with a lot of intelligence. Start by answering a few simple questions, let us know what you’ve already got covered, and Guide will let you know how you’re doing and what actions to take next. As the months and years go on and life changes, Guide will be one place to get peace of mind that your safety net is in order.

Tax rate changed? We’ll let you know. Better health insurance option this year? We’ll reach out. New baby? We’ll update everything for you. Guide grows with you and gets smarter every day.

Over the past few months, we’ve talked to many of you who are using Catch as part of every paycheck to strengthen and simplify your foundation. These conversations, coupled with advanced analytics and thoughtful design, drove Guide’s creation. In the coming months you’ll see enhancements to Guide like dependents and beneficiaries, instant insurance quotes, and the ability to link accounts outside of Catch.

Get started with Guide today by creating your account or simply logging back in to Catch. As always, please reach out and let us know what you think.

– Andrew, CEO

P.S.– We haven't forgotten about Health insurance– everything is still on schedule 😎. And if you'd like to try out the iOS app, grab it here through Testflight.