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Enroll in health insurance.

Finding your way through the health insurance marketplace is a chore. With Catch, if you need an individual plan, you can enroll and get the tax credits you deserve.


Find and compare plans and coverage to decide what makes the most sense for you and your family


We’ll let you know the tax credits and subsidies you qualify for so you can save on premiums and medical care


Talk with licensed agents if you have a question about how to navigate the marketplace or choose a plan

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Fill out the application

You can get the heavy stuff done first

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Apply for tax credits

We can help you figure out what you qualify for

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Enroll in a plan

Find the plan that makes the most sense for you

"Your platform does the things I need to do (like get health insurance) the way a normal 9-5 does, which is the cherry on top of being able top of being able to be my own boss. Super grateful I found this platform!"
"I’m a manager at a small burger joint, and we don’t offer anything when it comes to benefits. I’m planning on having a team meeting about Catch."

Peace of mind in the
palm of your hand.

Get the benefits you need most, then get back
to living your life. We’ve got you covered.

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