Creatour Austin

April 29, 2022

Catch is celebrating freelancers all across the country. We’re packing up our suitcases and heading on tour.

We’re traveling to meet customers, creators, and makers where they live, work and play, bringing together the unique voices of the modern American workforce — freelancers: artists, singers, stylists, coaches, chefs, writers, and more — to share in each others' successes and celebrate their stories.

The next stop? Austin. We’re ready for some BBQ and excited to explore the local scene. RSVP here for our event on May 12 to network with other culture-makers, creators, and makers. Use code VIP to register.

The Entrepreneurs of the Capitol 

In the Texas capital city, there is an entrepreneurial spirit in the air. Over 11 percent of the population is self-employed in Austin. This percentage continues to grow and is spread across various industries, creating a supportive environment for those wanting to strike out on their own.

The tech scene, especially, has exploded over the last couple of years as founders from all over the country continue to settle in Austin, creating jobs and new opportunities for people freelancing in Austin. Apart from work, there are a ton of activities in Austin, from exploring indie restaurants and sampling local food to attending concerts and local art shows.

The annual conference South by Southwest or South By — as it is locally known — is a globally recognized festival put on every year in March. The festival, which celebrates the convergence of the film, music, and tech industries, draws a massive crowd from locals to celebrities.

Real estate agents, artists, coaches, creators, and makers — there is an entire ecosystem of talented people building their own businesses as the self-employed in Austin.

Community Spaces for Creators

Austin has a thriving community of freelancers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs. The city has embraced people freelancing in Austin, setting up numerous spaces for coworking. These coworking spaces with strong wifi and coffee keep people buzzing as they connect and work within the city’s various neighborhoods. 

Downtown has the highest concentration of coworking spaces like the conveniently located Industrious by Republic Square and the tech industry-focused Capital Factory. Whether you want to network and meet a mentor or take advantage of the unlimited coffee (who doesn’t, right?), there is a multitude of options to choose from, while freelancing in Austin.

There’s Something for Everyone 

Austin is known for its BBQ and live entertainment scene. Austin has some of the best nightlife in the country, making it a hot travel destination for tourists from all over North America. Live music and festivals light up the social scene, providing a variety of entertainment options. 

Lady Bird Lake runs right through downtown Austin, encouraging an outdoor active lifestyle. Adventurers and day-trippers alike will have plenty of options to explore all that the city has to offer.  

For those working in Austin, there really are limitless opportunities to enjoy the lifestyle and make it your own.  

Check Out the Cost of Living

The cost of living in Austin is the highest in the state, yet only slightly above the national average. However, because of the high earning potential for the self-employed in Austin, there are more  opportunities for freelancers to find work while enjoying the benefits of the city. 

Austin is booming with the potential for securing multiple contracts and commissioned work, which makes setting up personal payroll so important. 

Catch is headed to explore the thriving self-employed ecosystem of Austin, and we’d love to meet you!  RSVP here for our event on May 12 to network with other culture-makers, creators, and makers, and learn more about the basics of Personal payroll.