Custom Savings & Catch Plus

We've added your top 2 most requested features (and more)
September 10, 2020

We'll keep this one short.

Custom Savings

Now you can make as many savings goals as you want, complete with a custom-designed icon set. Set aside a bit of each paycheck to save towards some new tech, a down payment, or anything in between.

Catch Plus

We've got a brand new suite of features. Here's the rundown.

  1. Autopilot is out of beta. We've analyzed hundreds of thousands of anonymous income transactions — from Square,, Stripe, PayPal, Doordash, and hundreds more. In the last few months, we've doubled our smart sources and added the ability to customize rules for general deposits and transfers.
  2. You can now use Multiple Bank Accounts at the same time. No more switching to catch your income — Autopilot now works no matter where or how you get paid.
  3. We've got Sam, our resident CFP, on Expert Setup. Video calls are ready when you need them.
  4. Tax Payments are live. From Catch to the IRS, we've got you.
  5. Rollovers are here.

Hit up Caitebot (not a bot) or Olivia if anything feels off. And as always, if you like Catch, drop a review on the App or Play Store.