Using health insurance during a global pandemic

With the current global pandemic, getting the care you need can be hard.
October 29, 2020

With the current global pandemic, getting the care you need can be hard.

Seeing the doctor is difficult, especially in a pandemic

Let’s set the stage. It’s a Friday, you start feeling a little sick. It could be nothing but it could also be something.

What’s the first thing you? Probably freak out a little and Facetime your mom who says, “You’re 35, call your doctor.”

So, you decide to be an adult and go see your doctor. There’s just one small problem: that means putting on pants and making your way across town in the middle of a global pandemic. Yikes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just Facetime your doctor? With virtual primary care you can do exactly that.

What is Virtual Primary Care?

You might have heard of telemedicine before, but this is different. Virtual Primary Care (VPC) provides primary medical care services via a secure video or audio call.

How is this different from telemedicine? Telemedicine is used to support patients who have general medical questions. The type of things you would typically just Google. Telemedicine would connect you with a physician it just wouldn’t be your physician.

What if you want to talk with your doctor, though? The person you’ve been seeing all year, who knows you and your medical history..

Virtual Primary Care (VPC) is based on a single relationship with a dedicated primary care doctor. You are connected with the same doctor during every virtual visit that you have. VPC provides you with all the services you would expect to receive during a traditional visit to your primary care physician, without having to physically visit their office.

Why does this matter?

There are huge problems with physician access in the United States. Finding a primary care physician near you can be very challenging. You might live far away from the nearest doctor, or they might have hours that simply don’t work with your schedule.

This is a problem made even worse during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Doctors and other medical resources are being diverted to treat the pandemic and people are thinking twice before making trips to hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Having a primary care physician is critical in any world, but especially now. In fact, it’s been proven that having a primary care physician and regularly checking in improves your health.

Catch and Virtual Primary Care

So how do you get Virtual Primary Care (VPC)? Check out the available plans Catch offers: