Recent Changes at Catch

October 19, 2023

Earlier this year, Catch’s founders announced that they had made the difficult decision to shut Catch down. When we first heard the news, we were shocked. We had spent much of the last year preparing to launch a benefits business of our own. As entrepreneurs, we couldn't help but be impressed by what Catch had accomplished. They had built an innovative platform in a highly regulated space, and done the extraordinary in simplifying complex processes.

When Catch closed its personal payroll and retirement products weeks later, the outpouring of support from customers on social media was remarkable. Some offered to pay more for the service, while others suggested that the founders seek crowdfunding to keep the business afloat. We contacted Catch's co-founders, and over the summer, we acquired the company.

Since taking the reins at Catch, we’ve hit the ground running. We've caught up with former partners, reconnected with our members, and we're zeroing in on insurance benefits, especially with the 2024 Open Enrollment period right around the corner. Today, we're offering health, dental, and vision benefits, while exploring other products for the future.

Catch still offers the same great health insurance platform, which means you can count on us to help you at Open Enrollment again this year. We’re enhancing our free service by making it even easier to talk to a qualified Benefits Advisor when you have questions, concerns, or life updates that you’d like to chat through.

We believe that everyone deserves great benefits, no matter where or how they work. It’s what led us to focus on the benefits space to begin with, and it’s why we’re so inspired to carry forward Catch’s mission. It’s a real privilege to be part of your journey, and we look forward to helping you build your safety net for years to come.


Alexa & Laura