Make Your Dream Vacation a Reality with Personal Payroll Savings

Putting money aside today, gets you closer to vacation tomorrow
June 16, 2022

Most people you ask will tell you about their dream vacation: the place that just seems perfect, whether it's skiing in the Alps or swimming in the crystal clear water of the Caribbeans. Unfortunately, vacations, especially dream vacations, can feel like just that — a dream. Managing the expenses of a trip, while affording the time off from work, is a battle freelancers face, but there are tools to make that dream vacation a reality. Catch is there to help guide, support, and automate your income-saving goals — including saving for a vacation.

You most likely became a freelancer hoping to find a better work-life balance. Being your own boss allows you control over your schedule, but it can also make taking time off more difficult. Freelancers, in particular, are more likely to take on more clients and accept additional jobs because that's the main source of income, which is excellent! It can also lead to long hours with little to no time for rest if you aren’t careful. As a freelancer, you don't have the luxury of an employer to take care of managing taxes, insurance, retirement, and savings, or designate paid time off (PTO). That doesn't mean you don't need or deserve a break, though. 

Vacations are your time to relax or explore the vast world; you deserve that opportunity and that time. It’s a chance to step back from the day-to-day work and think about the big picture and your future goals. For creatives, it may even be a time to recharge and find new areas of inspiration. Imagine leaving vacation, well-rested and ready to face the world with new ideas and reinvigorated motivation.

Saving a little at a time goes a long way

Despite the appeal of time off, saving for a vacation can seem challenging, especially when you don’t always know the best way to budget for a vacation and are dealing with an income that can change month to month. However, taking a small portion of every payment and putting it towards a vacation savings goal alleviates the stress of scraping together last-minute funds for vacation. Saving a little at a time makes it easier to save in the long run. Still, it requires time and effort to calculate and set aside a small percentage of your income every time a new payment comes in, taking up your valuable time. That's why Catch does it for you! As a user, you can choose the percentage of your income to put towards your vacation savings goal, and Catch will automatically set it aside for you. It takes a few simple steps to set up and over time you can watch as your vacation dreams become a reality.

An automated savings jar

Vacations should be exciting and not a source of financial stress. Catch's goal is to cut out the headache for you, so you can spend more time working on your business and doing what you love. Catch is the first and only personal payroll and benefits app to help you divvy up your income. Upgrade the "Vacation Jar" that's been collecting dust and loose change with an automated tool and make saving for your vacation simple. With the extra time you have, you can spend it planning your vacation.