Introducing the Catch Mobile App

May 3, 2019

Andrew Ambrosino

What you probably love best about your freelancing, gig work, or self-employment is the freedom to do what you do best on the go. Catch Benefits was designed to help you build stability into your finances despite the lack of a traditional paycheck, and now you can add on-the-go flexibility to your benefits with Catch’s new iOS app. (Don’t worry Android friends, we’re working on an app for you, too. 📱)

The app allows you to see your benefits status, receive essential notifications - such as a 💸 paycheck hitting your account or a deposit clearing in your retirement account - while you’re away from your computer. Your day-to-day operations aren’t confined to your desktop, and now your benefits aren’t either.

We hope the app helps make planning for the future even easier. Our app is designed to be user-friendly and convenient.

Download the app from the iOS App Store and let us know how you’re using it to build your future. We welcome your comments and suggestions and would love to grow the app with you. Happy (mobile) planning!

Keep your eyes out for new features, too. 👀

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