How to Find and Save on Health Insurance

June 27, 2022

Recent times have brought a new awareness of widespread health threats and thus the need for quality health care. Yet, despite the need for health care, it can be expensive. Although health insurance is supposed to help limit the price of each doctor's appointment or necessary procedure, finding the right plan for yourself and your wallet is crucial — especially for freelancers. Not knowing how to save money on insurance is common. There are many different plans and saving options to sort through, taking up your valuable time and effort. Catch recognizes the importance of having a health insurance plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. Whether you are working with one of our trained insurance agents or using the App to help narrow down your decisions, Catch helps save you time, stress, and money without compromising the quality of services you receive.

Health Insurance is Important

Health insurance is essential for everyone. Whether you are healthy or not, there is no control over what tomorrow brings (no matter how hard we try). Health insurance is a preventive step so that if you need medical services, you aren't facing the bills alone. Health care can be expensive, and if you aren't prepared for the sudden medical bills, it can dig into your hard-earned savings. That doesn't have to happen. Health insurance helps alleviate some of the costs, so you can worry more about getting healthy and less about how you will afford to pay for that appointment or procedure. Although health insurance is essential, it can also be confusing and, at times, seemingly expensive. With hundreds of different plans from an array of providers, finding cost-effective insurance plans that still cover your required services can be challenging. Catch helps you find these affordable insurance plans so you can put more of your income towards supporting your small business or funding a hobby that brings you joy. And you’ll save billable hours in the process. 

How to Make Finding and Saving on Health Insurance Easier

As a freelancer, time is one of your most significant assets in taking on new clients or creating new products. You don't want to spend that valuable time searching through pages of insurance plans. To limit the work required of you, Catch narrows down the options for you to look through, and recognizes when you qualify for cost-sharing reductions or federal tax credits. This allows you to navigate the curated plans easily and shows you which potential cost reductions you are eligible for. In addition, we also have trained insurance agents on staff, so you can work with either the app or an agent to find and set up the best possible plan for you. On top of having helpful staff members, Catch acts as a space to store all your necessary tax and personal information, so when it comes time to apply for reductions or tax credits, your information is easy to access.

Freelancing allows you a unique level of freedom and flexibility to focus on making your dreams a reality. However, to do so, you take a lot on your plate, taking on customers and working long hours. You don't always have time to find a new health insurance plan — nor should you have to. Allow Catch to focus on your health care, personal payroll, retirement, and savings so you can keep focusing on what makes you happy.