How do I pay my health premium?

Learn the easiest way to pay for your health insurance.

Via Catch

If you enrolled in health coverage via Catch, you can go to your Health Plan page and click the link provided to make a payment directly to your insurance carrier.

Via your insurance carrier

Check with your carrier about which options they offer. Most offer the following options:

  • Online: Go to your carrier's website and make a payment through their online portal.
  • Mail: Mail a check to the address provided by your carrier — note: the address should be visible on the bill sent by your carrier
  • Phone: Call your carrier's billing department or contact their customer service for the phone number
What happens if I pay late or miss a payment?

Generally, you'll enter a Grace Period. This means, you usually have up to 90 days to make the payment you missed before losing coverage (be sure to double check with your carrier)

You qualify for a 90 day Grace Period if you:

  • Have a marketplace plan
  • Qualify for an APTC*
  • Have paid at least one month of coverage already

Note: You must make your first premium payment on time in order for your health coverage to go into effect.