Covid-19 Resource Center

April 1, 2020

Dear reader, user, friend,

We’re currently experiencing a shared tragedy that affects every person in this country. In addition to fear for our health and our families, we are faced with uncertainty and ambiguity. It’s unclear when we’ll get to travel, visit each other, and critically, get back to work.

Our mission at Catch has always been to help build your safety net – to navigate complexity and provide peace of mind that you’re doing the things you need to do to keep your family stable and secure. Nothing about our mission has changed. We’re even more determined to strengthen financial health.

In the last few weeks, our team has watched closely as regulation, stimulus, and other actions change the fabric of our national safety net. Our commitment to you is to try to pull together resources quickly and accurately. As always, we’re focused on making these changes and requirements digestible and easy to act on. All of our COVID-19 resources are available for free and to the public with the hope they may help navigating this time easier.

From our team, you’ll find answers to:

  • Getting health insurance if don’t have coverage anymore
  • Lowering your premiums if you’ve lost income
  • Paying for and finding COVID-19 testing
  • Caring for yourself or a loved one if you get sick
  • Earning extra income during the crisis
  • Qualifying for paid sick time and family leave if you’re self employed
  • Filing for unemployment benefits
  • Receiving your stimulus check
  • Navigating the changes around tax time
  • Finding relief on student loan payments
  • Using your retirement savings if you need money
  • Supporting your mental health during the crisis

If there’s additional content you’d like to see us write about, please let us know. We’ll be closely tracking changes to make sure that the information you need is here.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Stay distant,

Founder and CEO