Catch Launches Premium Slasher to Lower Monthly Insurance Payments

Millions of families can lower their health insurance premiums in two minutes or less with Catch’s Premium Slasher
September 13, 2022

NEW YORK, NY, September 13, 2022 — Catch, the personal payroll and benefits platform that helps people take care of taxes, retirement, and health insurance, today announced the launch of Premium Slasher. The new Premium Slasher feature searches for tax credits to lower monthly health and dental insurance premiums and helps Americans get the lowest possible price in two minutes or less.

The feature launch comes following the federal government’s extension of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) until 2025 under the Inflation Reduction Act. ARPA aims to offer savings via tax credits and reduce the cost of Marketplace insurance. More than 13 million Americans received financial assistance during the previous Open Enrollment period. Premium Slasher makes it easy for individuals to save every month, alleviating financial burden, even outside of the Open Enrollment period. 

How Premium Slasher Works:

  1. Connect: Policyholders connect their health insurance plan for Catch to review

  2. Adjust: Policyholders ensure their income estimates are correct, which allows Catch to search for tax credits

  3. Save: Lower monthly premiums, if available, are automatically applied. 

Allowing people to adjust their earnings to better estimate their annual income, Catch’s Premium Slasher searches available tax credits, automatically reducing monthly premiums. At a time when inflation is at a 40-year high, the need for families to reduce their expenses has never been more important. Additionally, millions of Americans are still waiting for their 2021 tax refund, which would provide the previous year’s tax credits. Catch’s Premium Slasher helps Americans apply these tax credits when they are needed — now — instead of waiting up to eighteen months for the money to be received. 

“It’s time that a better experience was offered to the independent American workforce,” said Kristen Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Catch. “There is a lot of pressure and expectation put on people that choose their own paths. They are expected to navigate a system that’s time-constrained in getting insurance and then delayed in providing the savings already allocated to them. Catch believes and fights for the individual: the small business owner, the creator, and the self-starter. Premium Slasher is the next step in Catch’s journey, offering instant savings and enabling customers to boldly pursue their futures.” 

About Catch

Catch is a personal payroll and benefits platform that helps people take care of taxes, retirement, and health insurance. With Catch, freelancers and the self-employed can automatically track, trace, and manage their income no matter how or how much they earn. Catch also makes sure customers get the lowest price on marketplace health insurance or get a new, better plan. Learn more at Catch.