Creatour Nashville

May 20, 2022

Catch is celebrating freelancers all across the country, and we want to meet you. We’re packing up our suitcases and heading on tour.

We’re traveling to meet customers, creators, and makers where they live, work and play, bringing together the unique voices of the modern American workforce — freelancers: artists, singers, stylists, coaches, chefs, writers, and more — to share in each others' successes and celebrate their stories.

The next stop out of town? Nashville. Why are we heading to Music City? Great question. 

Enjoy More. Pay Less.

Nashville has a lot to offer, while being more economical than other big cities like New York or Los Angeles, or even Atlanta. Freelancers have been taking advantage of remote work opportunities, settling into cities that match their lifestyle. And Nashville has become one of the go-to cities. In fact, 30.6% of jobs in Nashville are remote-friendly. As companies increasingly evolve their hiring practices to add freelancers on their teams, it provides many opportunities for freelancers to secure regular work and set up multiple income streams. This helps to create an environment where the self-employed of Nashville feel confident they can strike out on their own. 

As more people are coming from out of town and choosing the city as their new home, Nashville is experiencing a fresh injection of creative artists and new businesses. Together it’s creating a strong and diverse community vibe of makers, do-ers, and entrepreneurs. 

The Freelancer Population is Booming 

Of Nashville’s 300,000 skilled workers an impressive 40.6% are freelancing. The city is definitely doing something right — attracting and supporting freelancers working in Nashville. 

The thriving ecosystem of people self-employed in Nashville is one that Catch is excited to explore.

The Art Scene is Thriving

They don’t call it the Music City for nothing. If live performances are your thing, Nashville’s amazing music scene is sure to keep you entertained. Soak in the sounds of local artists around town or simply sit back and relax with your favorite bands. 

If you ever need a midday pick-me-up, take a walk around the city and enjoy some of the local street art. On your way, be sure to grab a coffee from one of the many amazing options downtown. 

Speaking of Coffee…

Should you enjoy a little background noise and want to mix up your routine, there are tons of great cafes and coffee shops to choose from, while freelancing in Nashville.

If a hipster scene is your vibe, we hear the place to be is Barista Parlour Nashville in the East Nashville neighborhood. Grab a latte, set up your laptop by the open garage doors, and let the fresh air and smell of coffee beans fuel your workday. 

You also might want to check out Nashville’s local boutique hotels for a fun change in work-space scenery. 

As the first and only personal payroll and benefits product for freelancers, Catch is here to support the artists, creators, shop owners, and digital nomads of Nashville, taking the headache out of managing your finances, so you can focus on pursuing your passion. 

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