Introducing Autopilot, Faster Transfers, Residents, and Catch 4

It’s our biggest release yet
February 7, 2020

One reason people use and love Catch is because it takes so much of the burden away from being self-employed, freelancing, contracting, or working without benefits. We’ve been overwhelmingly touched by the thousands of conversations with Catch users, especially when we learn what Catch has made new time and space for. We’ve posted some stories in our community section and have many more stories to come.

We know there’s always more to do and there are always ways to make Catch dramatically more helpful, intuitive, and smart. Every team at the company has been working together on v4 for quite some time, and we couldn’t be happier to finally share it with you.

Autopilot is here

Since Catch first launched to a small group of beta testers, we’ve heard one request over and over– to have Catch run on autopilot.

Now it’s finally here – you'll notice it rolling out over the next week or two. Want early access? Tweet at @CatchBenefits

Smart Tagging. First, you’ll notice that we’ve gotten a lot smarter about how we tag and describe the income Catch detects. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of anonymous transactions, through a combination of AI and manual tuning, we now match up to 98% of all incoming transactions to a source, with their name and logo. No more messy illegible memo fields.

Always & Never. For each recognized source of income, you can now tell Catch if it should always be processed automatically, or if it’s never income and should always be skipped. No more logging in and saying “yes” to every single notification.

Grace Period. We also know that even if a source is income 100% of the time, there are other factors at play and you can’t always set aside for your plan. That’s why we built an option to delay all auto-transfers, giving you a few hours to turn things around if need be.

That’s Autopilot. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us what you think.

Transfers are getting faster

So long, waiting “3 to 5” days for money to leave your primary bank account and arrive at Catch. You can now expect Catch transfers to be as fast as to 1-2 days for both deposits and withdrawals. We’re working with our bank partner to offer, for free, Same-Day ACH transfers, dramatically speeding up how fast your money gets in and out of Catch.

We’re expanding support to non-citizens

Until now, only U.S. citizens have been able to use Catch. It’s been a large point of frustration for interested users and our team alike. Over the past several months, we’ve expanded our contractual agreements and ID verification systems to change this. So starting today, Catch now supports those with U.S. Resident Alien status as well.

Across-the-board betterness

The Apps, Platform, and Design teams took a fresh look at our design system and codebase to see where we could improve on the basics, and the results have been awesome:

  • Clarity & Consistency. In Catch 4 you’ll notice that a lot of things have been smoothed out to create a much better experience across the app. We’ve redesigned several core flows to be more intuitive, clear, and consistent.
  • Speed. Catch 4 is around 10x faster than Catch 3. While we think our loading spinner is pretty cool, we think you’ll will be happy to see it a lot less.
  • Dark Mode. Now, when your device is in dark mode, so is Catch.
  • Tablet Support. Our tablet users will now get a real version of Catch, rather than a blown-up phone version.

What’s Next

We’ve got some great new features coming to Catch in the coming months. We’re always looking for beta testers, so let us know if you’re interested in being the first to test the cutting-edge.

  • Direct Tax Payments, so you can send your estimated tax payments directly to the IRS and your state’s tax office.
  • Integrated Health Premiums, so you can smooth out saving for your monthly bill and automatically pay it from Catch.
  • Acuity, our new system for keeping you on track without you having to keep track of much.
  • More reliable bank syncing, so disconnects happen less often.
  • and much, much more.

As always, thank you for being a Catch user. We’re working hard to deliver an elegant, delightful experience on all that stuff you don’t really want to think about. If you’ve ever got ideas or feedback for how we can do better, let us know.


Catch founder