How It Works

Catch makes it easy to get what you need most. From automated tax withholding to health insurance and everything in between, we've got you covered.
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Build your plan

See recommendations and pick benefits

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Set aside

Put part of each paycheck away for your plan

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Use your benefits

Rest easy knowing you're covered

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Build your plan

Use our custom recommendations to get the benefits you need most. We'll tell you about what coverage you need whether you work for yourself, a boss, or many bosses at once.

Set aside automatically

When you get paid, Catch will confirm your benefits plan and put money away for your taxes, time off and retirement.

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Use your benefits

Tax Withholding, Time Off, or Retirement will be in one place and ready to be used. You’ll see your savings grow the more you work and use the platform. Over time, we’ll offer suggestions and let you prepare for your future while you focus on the rest of your life.

The Guide

Wave goodbye to blindspots. The Guide is your personal snapshot of the full benefits landscape.

  • Learn what coverage you need and why

  • Sign up for new benefits in minutes

  • Easily import existing benefits

  • See all your coverage at a glance

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Catch makes it easy to add loved ones to your plan, offering you a people-centric view spanning all your benefits

  • Spouses

  • Dependents

  • Beneficiaries

  • Trusted contacts

The Plan

Build your own plan by choosing only the benefits that makes sense for you

  • Edit your plan on the fly

  • Access your savings at any time

  • View full paycheck and contribution history

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Smart Recommendations

Sometimes when life changes, your benefits should too. Catch is proactive about keeping you covered for things like

  • Starting a new job

  • Relocating

  • Getting married

  • Starting a family


Taxes & Time Off
Set aside part of each paycheck for state & federal taxes, and save for time away from work
Invest part of each paycheck in a Roth or Traditional IRA with portfolios that fit your needs
0.5% of your balance
Health Insurance
Sign up for a plan that fits your needs — Catch will even help you find tax credits you qualify for
Cost of the plan and nothing more

Your benefits wherever you are

Peace of mind in the
palm of your hand.

Get the benefits you need most, then get back
to living your life. We’ve got you covered.

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