Catch Referral Offers

April 6, 2022

The “Limited Referral Bonus is a bonus program for Catch users (each a “User” or “you”) who refer non-User, first-time Catch account holders (“Friends”).

To be eligible for the Limited Referral Bonus:
(a) a Friend must successfully sign up using his or her personal invitation code or link;
(b) the Friend must have set a savings goal (e.g., Tax, Time Off, Family Leave, or Health Expenses) and make at least one hundred dollars ($100) in settled deposits; (c) the Friend must have Autopilot status active; and (d) each new account must be open, comply with Catch’s terms and conditions, not be in a “locked” or fraud-alerted status, and have maintained a minimum balance of one hundred dollars ($100) for forty-five (45) continuous days (“Good Standing”).

In addition to the criteria above, Users must have an open account at the time the bonus is to be paid.

Balance calculations do not include the value of any paid Catch bonuses. Each User who meets the criteria above will receive a payment of twenty dollars ($20) (a “Referral Bonus”) which will be paid in the form of a debit to his or her Catch Time Off goal account within seven (7) days from the fulfillment of all eligibility criteria. The maximum aggregate reward each User is eligible to receive for the Limited Referral Bonus is two hundred dollars ($200). Each User will only be entitled to one (1) Limited Referral Bonus for each Friend up to the stated limit. Catch employees are ineligible for the Limited Referral Bonus.

Catch reserves the right to modify, restrict, suspend, revoke, or terminate this offer or any Catch user’s eligibility at any time in its sole discretion without prior notice. Catch Financial, Inc. provides, among other things, financial information to assist users in managing their finances through saving for taxes, time off, health expenses, family leave, and other goals. Catch Financial also provides aggregation of financial data, a wallet view of income, saving, and insurance information, and rules-based saving.

Catch is not a bank, nor is it a financial planner, broker or asset manager. The Catch platform is merely a tool to assist you in your financial planning and decision-making. You are solely responsible for your savings and investment decisions. Advisory services are offered by Catch Capital Management LLC (“Catch Capital,” together with Catch Financial, Inc. “Catch”). Catch Capital is registered with the SEC as a Registered Investment Adviser. Brokerage services are provided to Catch Capital clients by Folio Institutional, an unaffiliated SEC-registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Catch Insurance LLC (“Catch Insurance”) is a licensed insurance broker.

By enrolling in the Offer and agreeing to these Terms, you expressly authorize us to act on your behalf as your agent and representative to access your consumer financial information in your Account and Card pursuant to Section 1033 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Through this authorization, we will collect information about your financial transactions on your Account and your Card for the purpose of facilitating the Program and your participation in it. Your consumer financial information will be collected, maintained, stored, and shared in accordance with our Privacy Policy available at

For the purposes of the foregoing, Catch Financial is acting as an agent of our bank partner, Blue Ridge Bank, N.A

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