Supplemental Privacy Statement

This Supplemental Privacy Statement (the “Privacy Supplement”) provides Catch Insurance's privacy practices when we collect Personal Information also commonly referred to as Personally Indefinable Information. We may collect Personal Information to help you get health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. This Privacy Supplement is in addition to the Catch Privacy Policy found here: https:/

  1. General Personal Information Collection Notice. We will only use any Personal Information you provide us for your health insurance application as part of the Health Insurance Marketplace Services, unless you authorize us otherwise. We will not disclose, publish, or otherwise distribute your Personal Information to any third party unless authorized by you.

You can authorize us to use your answers to help us provide other Services (like Catch tax withholding and retirement products) and other insurance options.

  1. Accurate Information. It is important that the information you provide is accurate, timely, and complete because your answers determine coverage eligibility, tax credits and financial support, and how we can best help you complete enrollment.

  2. What Information Do We Collect? We may collect certain Personal Information as part of the Catch Healthcare Services. Such Personal Information may include, without limitation:

  • Your name, address, date of birth, phone number, email, and social security number (SSN);
  • The name, address, date of birth, phone number, email, and SSN for each member of your household included in your application;
  • Demographic information like your marital status, race/ethnicity, sex, student status, for all members of your application;
  • Applicable tax information;
  • Tobacco use and date of last tobacco use;
  • Current health coverage status;
  • Household income;
  • Written and spoken language preference;
  • Eligibility to purchase insurance through the Marketplace or receive coverage through Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), where applicable;
  • Eligibility for premium tax credits or cost-sharing reductions and related information to determine the amount of subsidy, where applicable;
  • Premium and payment-related information;
  • Immigration and naturalization status, where applicable.

We use screening questions to only ask for the minimum necessary amount of information. If we discover you are not eligible for Marketplace coverage, you won't be asked to complete an application.

  1. Who We Disclose the Information to. We may disclose information you provide us in your application with the Health Insurance Marketplace and with health plans and perform other required services as outlined in our contractual relationships with and health plan carriers. Without limitation, we may also disclose your Persona Information to comply with any applicable law, including disclosure of information in response to lawful requests by public authorities, national security or law enforcement requests, or comply with legal process served on Catch Insurance or any other Catch entity.

  2. How We Use the Personal Information You Authorize Us to Collect. We may use any Personal Information you provide us only in the manner you agree. For instance, without limitation:

  • Submitting a Healthcare Application.
  • You can authorize us to use your answers to complete an application for health insurance. We won't share this information with a third party unless you authorize us (for example, opening a tax withholding account).
  • Other uses
  • We do not serve third-party advertising on our website. Your answers may be used for internal business purposes. As described in our Privacy Policy, we use online advertising services to push ads on our behalf on the internet and provide analytics. We do not share answers from the health application process with any of these providers.

Access and Amendment to Data. You can request access to the personal information that we collect and maintain about you by emailing or calling 1.617.812.3510. You can revoke authorization at any time, though in doing so, you may lose access to Catch Services.

You can submit corrections, amendments of your Personal Information through the Profile portion of the Services. If you are requesting information be deleted, please provide which information you would like deleted, explain why and provide supporting justification or evidence. There are circumstances where we may not be able to delete your information in order to remain compliant.

Upon receipt of a complete request, our team will review your materials and make a determination if the request is justified. Please allow up to ten (10) working days after a complete request with supporting justification has been submitted to make a determination. We will inform you in writing if the request will be granted or the reasons for a denial. ‍

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