Tax Forms

Form 1095-A

Making sure your tax credits were accurate
tl;drIRS Form 1095-A is a tax form used to make sure you receive the correct amount of advanced premium tax credit (APTC) based on your income. You should receive it by mid-February to file with your taxes.

What is Form 1095-A?

Form 1095-A is a tax form used to report information about health insurance through the Marketplace. It helps to make sure you receive the right amount of advanced premium tax credit (APTC).

When do I get Form 1095-A?

If you are a freelancer or are self-employed and enrolled in a health insurance plan through the marketplace, you will receive Form 1095-A by mid-February.

Catch provides Form 1095-A to everyone who enrolls through Catch or links their coverage.

How do I fill out Form 1095-A?

To complete Form 1095-A, you'll need some information about yourself and your coverage. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your personal information, including your name, Social Security number, and contact information.
  2. Enter the information about your health insurance coverage, including the name of the insurance company, the plan name, and the dates of coverage.
  3. Enter the monthly premium amount for your health insurance coverage.
  4. Enter any advance payments of the premium tax credit that you received during the tax year.
  5. Calculate your premium tax credit based on the information you entered.
  6. Attach Form 1095-A to your tax return.

If you received more APTC than you were entitled to, you’ll have to repay the difference. On the other hand, if you were entitled to more credit than you received, you may get a larger tax refund.