A New Freelancer Writes

Sep 10, 2018

Freelancing is a job that is both rewarding and beneficial to me as a writer. Even though finding projects/gigs can be a very strenuous task, the work put into finding them helps you must become an incredible writer to find work. It is crucial to be actively looking whenever you can. I strongly believe that there are many amazing things freelancing can offer to each and every writer—although downfalls also come with this. I hope every writer explores everything that freelancing offers, because it is most definitely worth it. 

There are so many benefits that freelancing can offer an eager writer. First off, being your own boss and doing what you love is just a spectacular feeling. For the most part, you are in control of when you get your work done and how often you search for new work. This can be a very fulfilling lifestyle for those who don’t wish to be tied down to any specific place—assuming most of the work you do is remote, which usually is the case. It opens up incredible opportunities for writers to grow and succeed in the workplace. While freelancing, you are also building your portfolio. This has helped me immensely. If you are pursuing an English/writing degree, this may be the job for you until you finish up schooling. I strongly believe freelancing is the perfect job for those that are passionate about writing—because, for the most part, it all is about loving what you do, being driven and also dedicated to the job. That is what truly opens doors for you.

On the other hand, freelancing is not the job for everybody. If you need a specific schedule that you tend to every single week, this is not the job for you. You must be creative, self-motivated and determined. Sometimes, it takes weeks or months to find work. It doesn’t also just come to you immediately. The pay and work may not always be consistent, potentially causing a writer to stray away from this line of work and into something more reliable.

Freelancing is not for everybody, but nothing is. There are many positive and negative attributes. You, as a writer, can choose which side resonates with you more. Whatever you are most confident and comfortable doing, follow your heart! Although—trying it out does not hurt you either. Keep an open mind.

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