The easiest way to build your retirement

Investing for your future seems like a big task, but with Catch, you can put a little bit in each time you’re paid so that your money can start working for you.
Smart Recommendations
A few basic questions and we can tell you how much federal and state tax you’ll owe
Any time you get paid, from anyone, we’ll follow your rules and set aside for tax time
Low Cost
Only $2/month
Make a quarterly or annual payment without leaving Catch


Social Good Portfolios

ESG portfolios ensure your money gets invested in funds that act fairly, sustainably, and ethically
Moderate ESG Portfolio
70% stocks | 30% bonds

Embraces risk and volatility to maximize potential upside, while focusing on social good
Projected Retirement value
3 benefits

Smart paycheck withholding

Each time you’re paid, Catch sets a percentage aside for your benefits. Approve each transfer yourself, or put your plan on Autopilot.
Retirement added to plan
4% per paycheck

Adjust as you go

Add new benefits, change your withholding rate, or transfer funds back to your bank in seconds.
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Expert advice

Whether it’s a marriage, a move, or a slow season, we’ve got your back with personalized recommendations no matter what happens.

Your safety net is waiting

Get the benefits you deserve, then get back to living your life.