The Catch Series A

Introducing an all-new Catch for 2021

When we set out to create a personal safety net that was accessible, affordable and effective, we knew it wouldn't be simple. We knew we would have to do the hard work of wading through outdated systems, a complex web of regulatory and technical interdepencies,and legacy business models so our users wouldn't have to. Our vision has always been to build a platform that makes benefits as easy to obtain and manage for independents as it is for more traditional workers.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the biggest step towards that vision since we originally launched Catch. The new and improved Catch platform streamlines and automates the messy parts of the benefits process so that independent workers can spend less time on HR headaches and more time on work.

Consumer apps have gotten really good...

We can book a private ride anywhere with one tap. We can translate signs and menus in real time. We can measure just about everything on our wrist. Through apps we can invest in crypto, talk to the entire world, play any song, watch any video, control our home, pay for anything, order 1 of 879 debit cards, take 4K 60fps HDR video, buy anything. And these things don’t live on their own anymore – they’re part of an interwoven system that connects people, places, and activities.

... but taxes, insurance and retirement are still stuck 70 years in the past

Benefits are ugly. They don't talk to each other, they are built on outdated systems (if they have even evolved beyond paper documentation), and they are surrounded in an obscene amount of red tape. That's why this problem is tough to solve, but it is also why there is such a massive opportunity to really move the needle for users. We’ve laid the foundation. Today, Catch is the only all-in-one personal benefits platform that combines taxes, health insurance, retirement, savings, and income tracking. The only one. We’ve integrated with both the IRS and federal and state healthcare systems. We built a retirement roboadvisor, an income automation system, and a partner program. There were times we could've taken the easy way out and used third-party providers or tried to sell users branded API-calls, but we didn't. We knew that the right way to build personal benefits wouldn't be easy, but we also know it couldn't be done any other way.

Why Simplicity Matters

It took time to build personal benefits the right way. Almost two years to get health insurance approval from the time that we first designed the feature. Half a year each for tax payments and retirement. But we are finally at a point where the simplicity we first envisioned with Catch has become a reality.

Every day, billions of people use their smartphone to text, email, tweet, stream, and more. Most couldn't tell you how the GPU works– and that's a good thing. But for some reason when it comes to finance and insurance, things we're forced to deal with, the answer has been "financial literacy". We happen to think that's BS. Why should your safety net work any less smoothly and seamlessly than iMessage or Spotify? As work changes– more flexibility, more complexity, shorter tenure– being able to manage the complexity of benefits in a simple way becomes much more important. It becomes the central issue.

We've made huge strides towards that goal. Catch is the only personal benefits app that allows users to pay their taxes, save for retirement, set aside for time off, and to make sure they have the insurance they and their family needs. We do the hard stuff so users don't have to. We've got the scars to prove it and there's tons more on its way. Our team wants to live in a world where anyone, anywhere can do their life's best work without worrying about how it might impact their financial health. So we've redesigned Catch from the ground up. You'll see some of it today and the rest will roll out over the next few months. It's smarter, simpler, and smoother. Welcome to the future of personal benefits.

Andrew & the team

A completely new experience

We’ve redesigned Catch from the ground up

More sign in options

Sign in with a phone number or use your other accounts

Better onboarding

Get started faster with a redesigned onboarding experience

Simpler design

We've redesigned every corner of the app to be smarter, simpler, and smoother.

The Today tab

Home is now Today, with smart suggestions and next steps


Stay up to date on changes and recommendations. Or let Catch handle in the background.


A redesigned way to customize the Catch experience

Track, organize, and automate your income

Working independently makes organizing your income harder.
Some pay is regular, some is sporadic. Some pre-tax, some post. No 401(k). Cryptic bank memos. Messy and confusing taxes. Catch solves all of this.

The Income tab

One place to track, organize, and automate your income.

Smoother editing

A more fully integrated experience

Apps & Partners

When coming from another app, Catch will add it automatically

Edit entire plan

Tweak your withholding all in one spot– no more jumping around.

Health application

Speed up enrollment and renewal with auto-generated documents

Income Stats

Many people who use Catch originally come from a partner. Now, we’ll automatically link your account to that partner in the income section.

Get coverage

This past November, we launched the easiest, most affordable way to get health and dental as an independent. In our second year, we're refining the experience, supporting broader coverage, and being smarter in just about every way.

Lower Premiums

New lower costs unlocked by the American Rescue Plan

Candid Costs

ML cost estimates across premium, deductible, and copays

Quick Renew

Renew in a minute, even if your coverage isn't through Catch

Simpler Application

Get covered in fewer steps with a newly streamlined application

Smart Fill

Speed up enrollment and renewal with auto-generated documents


Support for Health & Dental enrollment in California for 2022

Broader Coverage

Now supporting more situations– including noncitizen residents

The Coverage Tab

A dedicated home for coverage with multi-plan and quick renew


Add your Catch coverage to the Wallet app for quick access.

Automatically estimate, withhold, and pay your taxes

With Catch, you can automatically withhold your taxes from contract income and pay the IRS every quarter.


We've refreshed all things tax to be simpler and smarter


Quarterly payments to the IRS, fully in the background

Smart Rate

Withholding that adapts to changes in your income

More big things are coming

Here's a quick preview

Catch Auto

One simple bundle for everything auto– Withholding, Payments, Renewal, Tax Rate, and more.

Instant Transfers

Move money to Catch instantly– No more waiting a day or two.

The Best HSA

Introducing the only Health Savings Account that integrates with your coverage, saves automatically and activates with a single tap.

Brand new tools and integrations for partners

Big partnerships like Square and Doordash are a big part of Catch. This year we're introducing some new ways to partner and integrate. Learn about our new partner program.

Incentives & Branding

Customize your in-app branding.
Offer incentives and boosts.

Custom Setup

Tailor the Catch onboarding experience for your community

2022 The API

Build custom integrations with Catch, coming next year

Your safety net is waiting

Get the benefits you deserve, then get back to living your life.